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Stainless Steel Flanges

The characteristics and application scope of different types of stainless steel flanges

The stainless steel flanges connection is among the detachable connection. You can find holes on the steel flange. These holes www.yaang.com could be worn with bolts in order that the two flanges may be abutted. The steel flange could be sealed by gaskets between two flanges. In accordance with the connected components, the stainless steel flanges could be split into the container flanges and pipe flanges. Now, the expert form website https://www.yaang.com/ would tell people the detailed information about this information.

The text strategies to the pipe flange could be divided into five basic types that happen to be flat welding flange, welded flange, threaded flange, socket welding flange and loose flange.

The 1st point is flat welding flange. This kind of flat welding flange might be utilized for 2.5MPa carbon steel pipe fittings pipe connection. The sealing the top of flat welding flange can be produced into smooth style, lenticular and tenon slot. The use of smooth type flat welding flange is the largest. This sort of steel flange may be utilized for the trouble which media is at moderate cases for example low-voltage non- purified compressed air and occasional pressure circulating water. It has the good thing about relatively cheap price.

The opposite will be the welded flange. For the corresponding welding from the pipe and flange, this type of welding style has contained the reasonable structure, strength and stiffness and it can withstand hot temperature and pressure. On the other hand, these kinds of welding may also resist repeated bending and temperature fluctuations. The sealing is very reliable. The nominal pressure is .25 to 2.5MPa.

The other kind flange could be the loose flange which can be often called removable flange. The expert from website yaang.com the best idea online seller for valve in china claims that these kinds of stainless steel flange is usually found in the problem that this medium temperature and pressure are not excessive and medium corrosive is high. If the corrosive of medium is simply too high, the fabric of connection section of flange could be the corrosion-resistant along with other high-grade materials for example metal as well as other materials. However, the material of outdoor area will be the low-grade materials like carbon steel.

The last kind may be the integral flange. This type of steel flange is usually for the reason that situation that this steel ductile iron pipe flange may be integrated into the apparatus, pipe fittings, gate valves, butterfly valves and also other form of equipments. However, this sort of steel flange may be frequently used for the valves and also other devices.

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