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Canada PM won’t attend USMCA signing

USMCA, the renewed and renamed pending trade agreement, between the United States, Mexico and Canada, signing is to take place on November 30th. But Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will not attend the event if the steel and aluminum tariffs imposed on Canada are still in place, and will send another representative instead. Some high ranking Mexican officials have also expressed reservations about participating, in light of the same tariffs imposed on their steel and aluminium sector.
Mr Ian Lee, an associate professor at the Sprott School of Business in Ottawa, said that for Justin Trudeau, entering into an election year in 2019, with these major trade issues brewing, it is a prudent move to skip the signing. He said He added that “I think now he doesn’t want to be seen as a cheerleader for it, and certainly going to a celebration while the tariffs are still on, still imposed on Canada, would be seen as celebrating and cheering an agreement that left the tariffs intact, and so that’s probably not good political optics and I think that that really explains why he has made that decision. It’s a lukewarm endorsement I have, it could have been much worse.”
Mr Ian Lee said that in the new climate of negotiating with the Trump administration, this is not unexpected. He said that “There may be almost, in the negotiation over the words, almost a secondary set of negotiations because one has to be very careful that the wording used doesn’t twist the meaning of what was negotiated in the negotiating room”
Source : RCINET
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