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Calculation of lower material of stainless steel elbow

Pipe bend, in addition to using the standard elbow, for the most part is made of steel tube bend and stainless steel elbow. The stainless steel elbow cold bending and hot bending two kinds of methods are available, and cold bending is the tube bending method at room temperature; Hot bending pipe is heated to a certain rules under the temperature of bending forming.
Cold bending is 3 in a small-bore tube bend a son; Hot bending usually also called against bending, often used in large diameter and thick wall pipe bend (e.g., high pressure pipe, etc.). It can guarantee the quality of the stainless steel elbow, stainless steel pipe fittings, before work mostly rely on manual operation, the intensity of labor is big, efficiency is low, in order to adapt to the development of chemical production, there are many kinds of special stainless steel elbow device, greatly improving the quality of the stainless steel elbow work is and efficiency.
When bending the pipe, the pipe elbow of the lateral wall by stretching, the medial wall is compressed, so in the process of stainless steel elbow, it will make the outer wall thinning. This kind of phenomenon in pipe diameter under the condition of the people and the smaller the bending radius, the more obvious, in order to ensure the quality of the stainless steel elbow, avoid tube wall thickness thinning, must choose reasonably stainless steel elbow bend radius.
Practice proved that for a variety of pipe bend radius can be selected according to the nominal diameter of the pipe. Should also consider the method of the stainless steel elbow and pipe wall thickness, and whether the tube fills and other factors.
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