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BHP looks at Glencore’s offer for Nickel West holdings

According to the reports, the offer made by Glemncore for Nickel West mine lies between the margins of 190 million dollars and 230 million dollars. Even so, Glencore refused to admit or comment regarding any matter associated with Nickel West unit. The same goes to BHP, as the company also refused to comment on any kind of rumors.
Even if, both the companies are refusing to comment on the sale, the fate of Nickel West unit is already in the air. The weak price of nickel had raised concerns regarding the sale of Nickel West units in a single go.
The reports which were released in the beginning of this year stated that, MMG, Sherritt International, X2 Resources, Jinchuan Group, Trafigura and Glencora were all opted for the rigor process after the declaration of BHP regarding the sale of Nickel West units.
There even rumors that the company was to function the Nickel West units independently, but all these were put to stop when BHP separated all its nickel units into small groups except, Nickel west units.

Assets of Nickel West include, Kambalda concentrates, Mount Keith, Kalgoorile Smelter, Cliffs, Kwinana refinery and Leinster mines.

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