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Basic knowledge of the threaded pipe fitting By yaang.com

Threaded pipe fitting as the name suggests is a kind of with threaded pipe fitting, it is often used in all kinds of pipes, such as gas pipe, water pipe, compressed air pipe and steam pipe, etc, to reinforce the pipeline, in the process of transfer material to ensure safe and guaranteed. In industry, it is a kind of commonly used components, plays an essential role in the development of the industry. Below, we approached industrial mechanical components of the world together, to know the basic common sense about the threaded pipe fitting.
The main composition, threaded pipe fitting
Threaded pipe fitting is not simple to don’t need other components can be independent existence, it is also made up by a lot of smaller components, these small components including tooth tube inside and outside the tooth tube, live socket, elbow and reducer, etc., including tee, four-way pipe elbow.
Second, threaded pipe fitting manufacturing standards
Threaded pipe fitting is played a big role in the industry, demand so it’s very fine, can’t with other industrial components as coarse, it will affect its use and role play. From a professional point of view, threaded pipe fitting production standard is to meet GB/T 14383, ASME B16.11, BS 3799, MSS SP 83 threaded pipe fitting. Only in accordance with the threaded pipe fitting production standards can production and processing of threaded pipe fitting with good quality, also can better play its role. Therefore, at the time of production, must be in strict accordance with the threaded pipe fitting production standards for production.
Three, threaded pipe fitting production materials
Threaded pipe fitting is a widely used in industrial and construction components, in order to adapt to different industries, satisfy different use, threaded pipe fitting are made of different materials of material, the different kinds of threaded pipe fitting. A threaded pipe material has many different materials, we know the following important, such as cast steel, cast iron, stainless steel, plastic, rubber, graphite and thread the PVC, PPR pipe fittings.
Through the above introduction and we in the life of the past experience and has formed the awareness of the threaded pipe fitting, we must now has a new understanding and the understanding to the threaded pipe fitting, also can better grasp the threaded pipe fitting. After that, we can carefully introduced threaded pipe fitting related knowledge to their friends.
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