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ASME Piping Standards

ASME Piping Standards


The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) has a series of standards
providing information on the uses, designs, construction, repair and inspection
of pipes and piping systems. The standards contain general information and
information specific to particular industries.

Pipe Labels
ASME/ANSI Standard A13.1 contains guidelines
for the use of labels on pipes. While the ASME standards are, in general,
compatible with those issued by American National Standards Institute (ANSI),
there may be additional requirements specified by either organization. The
standard issued by both organizations require labels of a certain size and
printing format be placed in specific locations, ANSI goes further and specifies
color-coding based upon the materials contained within the pipe.

Pressure Piping
ASME B31 covers pipes carrying a number
of materials under pressure. The B31 codes address such issues as the strength
of pipes carrying corrosives and regulations for pipes within buildings. The
integrity and construction requirements of pipes carrying gas are addressed.
Regulations for pipes carrying hydrocarbons, slurry from construction, chemicals
and uses related to electrical power are also addressed.

Materials and Joining Pipes
The ASME standards give
specific requirements for pipes based on design of the system and materials from
which they are constructed. Such regulations include the pipe, materials and
methods used to join the sections. The materials used to construct flanges have
specific requirements. These materials include stainless steel, carbon steel, bronze
and cast iron. Materials used in the pipes include metal, plastic and

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