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Application of the stainless steel dished dished head should pay attention to the place

Surface protection of stainless steel dished head Note:

  1, not in the open air storage, anti-rain;
  2, to prevent the surface of the stainless steel dished head bumps scratch;
  3, to avoid forced welding. Structural design to prevent binding force is too large;
  4, dished head and cylinder group welding, the timely clean-up weld, around the welding slag and other parts, for PT inspection and surface pickling;
  5, to prevent contact with carbon steel to avoid iron-ion pollution;
  6, stainless steel pickling can not use hydrochloric acid to reduce acid;

For oCr18Ni9 and 304 metastable austenitic stainless steel dished head is easy due to improper surface protection, and cause surface pitting. When superimposed with the processing stress, the ultimate stress of the non-staple food and intergranular non-staple food.

Note the use of stainless steel dished head:

  1, carbon steel dished head in the nitric acid, nitrogen, alkaline sodium and other environmental cracks, please specify the end of the order to eliminate the residual pressure.
  2, Austenitic stainless steel chloride ions in a specific environment, the occurrence of stress corrosion cracking, please select the appropriate material in the design;
  3, Aluminized carbon steel containers, please heat treatment to remove residual stress.

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