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Application of stainless steel angle bar

Stainless steel angle bar is a commonly used carbon structural steel in the construction area. It is a relatively simple section profile stainless steel. The most common use is to make metal components and architectural frames. There are several main requirements for the use of stainless steel angle bar, which are good plastic deformation, welding property and certain mechanical strength. The finished product stainless steel Angle is usually hot rolled, positive or hot rolled. At present, the most commonly used area of stainless steel angle bar is building materials, household tools and precision instruments, transportation machinery, complete machinery, etc.


The building materials are made of stainless steel angle bar

In the building material domain, stainless steel bolt, door knob, twisted chain and other hardware appliances are very common, and there are all kinds of decorative materials for the building. As the use of stainless steel in this area is increasing rapidly, more and more popularize the roof materials of large and medium-sized buildings such as exhibition venues, gymnasiums and airport terminals. These stainless steel plates are more popular because of the anti-glare after the surface processing, and the new stainless steel products that improve anti-rust performance are also commoditized.


On the large roof, the Cr series sheet (NSSC220M: 22Cr – 1.5 Mo – Nb, ti-lc, N), which is required to have a small thermal expansion coefficient and excellent corrosion resistance, has been applied to various buildings such as Tokyo international exhibition hall. In places such as Okinawa, where salt has been severely damaged, superstainless steel (NSSC270:20cr-18ni-6mo -0.2n-lc), which has been further enhanced, will be used as the roof of the dam. This steel, even in the tidal current of contact with seawater, has excellent corrosion resistance, so it has been used in the corrosion protection of the lower part of the coast pier.


Because 304 stainless steel and austenite stainless steel toughness and good weldability, in make full use of the beautiful and easy processing characteristics at the same time, as structural material have already been used for main hall of the building, curtain wall, etc; Civil structures such as DAMS, Bridges, paint maintenance difficult position also USES the stainless steel, and also used for high yield strength design of duplex stainless steel and contains no Ni but can reduce the cost of Cr series stainless steel. In addition, the stainless steel bars (NSSD: 12cr-lc, etc.) are included in the JIS specification as the guideline for design and construction. This is not only to improve the aesthetic and easy to process, but also to reduce the cost of life cycle of structural materials including maintenance. In summary, it is very suitable to use the stainless steel angle bar as the structural material.


Home appliance, precision instrument field

Since the stainless steel angle bar has excellent corrosion resistance and metallic color in the life water, so stainless steel spoons, knives, dishes and other kitchen, table utensils are widely accepted. It is also extended to home appliances and sink, water heater tank, piping, and other decorative materials, such as dishwashers and refrigerators, because of its beautiful and easy processing characteristics.


In the external installation, while the stainless steel plate is uniformly fine grinding, it can also be coated with transparent paint, which makes it difficult to attach fingerprints and easily wipe off food stains.

In the field of precision instruments, stainless steel Angle can be used as internal components such as axles, bolts, springs and other internal components.


Transport machinery field

As the use of stainless steel in vehicle exhaust components increases, so does the demand for this. In order to ensure the corrosion resistance of the engine and the heat resistance of the high temperature exhaust gas, the exhaust pipe, the exhaust manifold and the catalytic components have been used in the Cr series stainless steel. According to the different parts of the vehicle and use, SUH409L (llcr-ti-lc), SUS429 (15Cr – nb-lc), SUS436L (17cr-ti-lc) and SUS444 series (19cr-2mo -nb-lc) are used respectively. The other models use the NSSC180, metal seal gasket and the SUS301L (17cr-71n1 – LC) and the two-wheel disc brake using SUS410 steel.

In the area of railway, the stainless steel of commuter vehicles is the stainless steel plate which is mainly used to improve the strength of 301L. And because of the need to make a vehicle, the uniformity of surface processing of stainless steel plates is also important.


Industry complete equipment field

Stainless steel is used to make chemical equipment, transport containers, paper making machinery, etc. At present, it is widely used as the raw material of beer, soy sauce tank, beverage and other production equipment. The energy generation equipment, reprocessing equipment, environmental protection equipment and other exhaust gas desulfurization devices all use stainless steel angle bar.

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