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The annealing technique of the stainless steel reducer

Stainless steel reducer in the annealing time must pay attention to detail, a good grasp of the time. First, we must check the sealing performance of the furnace body, bright annealing furnace should be closed, and must be isolated from the outside air; also need to use hydrogen as a protective gas, only one exhaust port is connected. We can use soapy water wipe in the annealing furnace of each joint, to see if there is gas leakage phenomenon; the need to look at the place where is the annealing furnace into the pipe and pipe out of place, because the seals of this place is particularly easy to wear, so we need to constantly check and regular replacement.

Second, we want to protect the furnace pressure, to prevent leakage, furnace protection should be to maintain a certain gas pressure, if the protection of gas is hydrogen, then the general need to reach more than 20kBr.

Third, check whether the annealing temperature reaches the specified temperature, stainless steel heat treatment is generally taken solution heat treatment, is what we often say “annealing”, the general need to control the temperature range at 1040~1120 DEG C, stainless steel reducer in the annealing zone should be incandescent state, but there is no softening droop. So here we must control the temperature, pay more attention to observation, so as to be able to produce the perfect product.
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