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Analysis of the manufacturing process of spiral wound gasket
Analysis of the manufacturing process of spiral wound gasket

Analysis of the manufacturing process of spiral wound gasket

Spiral-wound gaskets are made of steel strips and graphite and other materials are wound by a winding machine. The manufacturing process is not very complicated, but the quality of the products is a nationally certified customer can purchase and use.

Manufacturing process of spiral wound gasket

The spiral wound gasket is wound on a special winding machine. The winding machine is processed according to the precision of the machine tool and consists of a main machine, a feed system, a gas source and a control system. Using special motor, the metal winding gasket has no inertia and can be stopped instantaneously. The spindle speed can be adjusted in 4 steps, so that the gaskets of different diameters can be wound at similar linear speeds. Adjusting the handwheel can change the position of the pressure roller to adapt Winding diameter of gaskets of different specifications.
The feed system consists of a wheel train bracket and a belt pulley, a transition wheel, a guide wheel, a packing reel and a forming metal reel which are connected thereto by a movable rocker arm, and has the same positioning reference with the pressing wheel to ensure the same. The wheels are located in the same central plane.
Gas source is generated by an air compressor, and the pressure reducing valve is filtered to the electromagnetic reversing valve, and then the pressure regulating valve is pushed to the cylinder to push the piston and the pressing wheel connected to the piston rod, thereby generating compression. force. Spiral-wound gasket manufacturing process The tangential tensile force of the metal strip is generated by the friction torque of the electromagnetic clutch connected to the steel reel, controlled by the excitation voltage supplied to the electromagnetic clutch by the controller, and the multi-stop excitation voltage attenuation is set on the controller. The coefficient can be selected as needed.
During the winding process of the gasket, the dimensions are measured online by a displacement sensor. The Spiral wound gasket manufacturing process sensor converts the displacement of the spacer width into a corresponding voltage signal, which is sent to the first preset zero point of the controller and displayed, and compared with the two set values, when any one of them is reached. When the value is set, the relay acts to release the contactor and the motor stops, thereby automatically controlling the width of the gasket winding.
The new winding machine features high precision, automatic feeding of packing belt, process parameters display and control, and automatic measurement of dimensions. Therefore, the influence of manual operation is eliminated, and the quality of the gasket and the production efficiency are remarkably improved.
Source: China Stainless Steel Gaskets Manufacturer – Yaang Pipe Industry Co., Limited (www.yaang.com)

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