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Alcoa instigates the production of world’s largest framework for the US Military

The assembled shells which were used in the US army, until today will be replaced by the single hull, which was designed together by the company and the US Army Research Laboratory, based on the army’s program, Afordable Protection from Objective Threats Manufacturing Technology.
The company, persuades that, compared with the traditional frameworks which were used earlier, the new modernized shell, which went through a number of simulations would guarantee twice the protection, especially from the Improvised Explosive Devices.
Moreover, that, these improvised single frameworks will take le4ss time in the assembly process and is also light5 weight compared to the frameworks, and would also contribute in a large extend in order to reduce the total cost and also save the time of US Millitary.
The company has already completed the production of two demonstrator forgings, at the company’s facility located in Cleveland by making use of  Alcoa’s 50,000 tonnes, weighing hydraulic press, which is until the date, the most advanced hydraulic press.

The army is in the process of conducting, blast in the demonstrative hull created by the company. These newly improvised frameworks could create a great transformation in the US Military, and also can be utilized in many other areas of protection.

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