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Advantages of stainless steel bellows

The application of stainless steel bellows in fluid pipelines is many. Stainless steel bellows can solve the problem of thermal expansion and contraction of the fluid in the pipeline. Especially in the entire pipeline network, the role of stainless steel bellows is very large.
Stainless steel bellows need to pay attention to the following matters when installing.
The first installation of stainless steel bellows must be carried out according to the requirements of the piping installation drawings and installation instructions for the bellows compensators. Second, the installation of stainless steel bellows pipe must be properly guided and fixed can make full use of stainless steel bellows, so the direction of the stainless steel bellows and bellows fixed bracket must be set strictly according to the design department related technical information.
The corrugated pipe used in the bellows compensator is formed by a thin-walled stainless steel plate. Therefore, during the transportation, lifting and welding, care must be taken not to damage the corrugated pipe due to knocking, scratching, arc starting, welding and splashing.
Before stainless steel bellows are installed, foreign bodies in the bellows and pipes must be removed to ensure normal movement of the bellows.
For the bellows compensator with flow direction, it is required to install it according to the requirements of the medium flow arrow. In addition, in order to make the stainless steel bellows in a good working condition, the deformation of the compensator, including the axial, lateral, and torsion of the bellows, cannot be used to correct the installation error of the pipe system during installation. After the stainless steel bellows have been installed, remove all yellow colored transportation fixing screws before the system is operated.
Stainless steel bellows also features the following points. The tube can fully meet the individual needs of the user, using a variety of installation methods such as wall-buried, concealed, and surface mounted. Followed by durable permanent, stainless steel pipe and fittings are made of 304 stainless steel or 316L stainless steel, stainless steel tube plus protective cover, can guarantee its safety trial life of more than 70 years.
Stainless steel pipe corrugations can also be randomly cut, bent freely and the internal flow rate remains the same, and can be bent and passed freely in a narrow space. Can also be renovated after the laying of the pipe, to facilitate the user’s selectivity of the pipe laying time. The tube is also effective against abrasion and cracking, does not chemically react with common acid-base salts, and has excellent chemical resistance. The impact toughness of the pipe is better, the material flexibility is very good, and it can be well with the soil cloth and settlement. The sealing ring is plugged and connected, and the sealing performance is excellent. Basic leakage will not occur, and the surrounding environment will not be polluted. The environmental protection performance is very good.
Source: China Stainless Steel Bellows Manufacturer – Yaang Pipe Industry Co., Limited (www.yaang.com)

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