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Advantages of stainless steel corrugated hose

In recent years, as people have increasingly valued the safety and service life of materials, stainless steel corrugated hoses have been used in large numbers in the selection of gas pipe materials. Such pipes can be used in gas, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, and biogas. Pipeline connection application.
The advantages of stainless steel gas bellows are as follows.
The first is that stainless steel corrugated hose has good construction performance, reasonable organization structure and very stable performance. It belongs to thin-walled hoses, and its overall weight is relatively light, which can effectively reduce the load of construction operations and reduce construction time.
Followed by the stainless steel tube material quality and durability, beautiful appearance, easy installation and removal.
Stainless steel bellows have soft hand, high strength, good elasticity, and high fatigue resistance.
The performance of the stainless steel bellows is also safe and reliable, and the quality is guaranteed. Taking into account various factors such as the actual working pressure of the bellows, the use environment, and the use conditions, all parameters have undergone rigorous calculations and repeated experiments to ensure that the stainless steel bellows are used at work. Security.
Stainless steel bellows are available in a wide variety of specifications and at reasonable prices.
The scope of application of stainless steel bellows is as follows. Non-sizing stainless steel corrugated pipe for fuel gas is suitable for natural gas, artificial gas, liquefied petroleum gas, and other gas sources of gas pipeline system. It will lead to new type of gas pipelines from indoor riser valves.
Corresponding advantage is that the outside of the stainless steel corrugated hose is covered with soft PVC material, and a protective sleeve is formed after being coated. The material functions are anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet aging and flame retardant. It can also meet the user’s personalized needs, using a variety of ways such as wall-buried, dark-filled, and surface mounted. Corrosion resistance is very strong, and because it is stainless steel, it can guarantee a safe life of half a century. Stainless steel bellows are also compensated to effectively prevent gas leaks caused by earthquakes and building settlement. Stainless steel bellows are also very easy to bend and can bend and pass freely in narrow spaces.
In general, the advantages of stainless steel corrugated hoses are: easy installation, reliable connection, corrosion resistance, no gas blockage, good flexibility, long service life, and the ability to bend freely without deformation or obstructing gas.
Source: China Stainless Steel Corrugated Hose Manufacturer – Yaang Pipe Industry Co., Limited (www.yaang.com)

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