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China’s steelmaking raw materials extend gains on firm demand outlook

The price of steelmaking raw materials in China rose for a second session on Monday on optimism that steel mills will replenish stockpiles as steel production increases and as iron ore inventories at ports decline. The utilisation rate at blast ...

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US steel suppliers and customers confront the uncertainty created by Trump’s tariffs

At a service center outside Cleveland, Majestic Steel receives and processes metal from U.S. mills, then stores it in seemingly endless aisles of rolled steel. Each cylinder weighs several tons and, after the steel is shipped to customers, its final ...

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What are the functions and characteristics of hot rolled stainless steel plates

According to the different production and processing technology, the mainstream stainless steel plate includes two kinds, the hot-rolled stainless steel plate and the cold rolled stainless steel plate. Next, the role and application advantages of the hot-rolled stainless steel plate ...

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